Hi, my name is Sachin Soman
Technical Product Manager and SWE at Protex AI

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I am an MSc Computer Science graduate from UCD and an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer. Currently based in Dublin, the city of Guinness and Craic, and originally from Kerala, India. I love coding and working on any engineering problems that include making formula cars to training Machine Learning models. I am was an MLH 2021 Fellow in the explorer program and worked as a Demonstrator for UCD Computer Science Department.

I am working as TPM and SWE, managing the product team of Protex AI.
Protex AI is a YCombinator backed startup aimed at making work place safer with proactive vison based AI.

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Todo_plus is a VScode extension aimed at providing a real time collaborative environment inside Vscode minus all the distractions of using tools like Slack and Discord. Github Integrations included :)

TechStack :

  • TypeScript
  • Svelte
  • Node.js
  • firebase
  • OpenSource Code bases

Market Place Link DevPost Submission Source Code


PoseMan allows users to Gamify Stretching exercise after long hours of coding. Captures webcam feed and convers its to an animated SVG. Guess letters by making poses using your body to win. Utilizes PoseNet pretrained network and another NN trained on Poses. Inspired by the Tensorflow Blog

TechStack :

  • JavaScript
  • ML5.js
  • Tensorflow
  • P5.js

Play it online Source Code DevPost

MailSafe API

MailSafe is a web application where users can generate email aliases with multiple domains and forward the emails to a single email ID. Utilized Forward Email Service for message forwarding.

TechStack :

  • Django DRF
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Docker
  • Postman

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Dublin Bus App

A web app for Dublin Buses. The app uses model trained on 2018 bus data. Other features include. Leap Card integration. Sharable link. Favourite locations. Tourist locations and many more features

Topics learned :

  • Bash
  • Linux
  • ML
  • JS
  • Django
  • Git
  • Deployment: Apache and NGINEX

See Live Source Code

Dublin Bikes App

A web app for Dublin Bikes. Data Scrapped from JCDcaux API on bike occupancy for three months and random forest model was trained to predict dublin bike occupancy in various stations.

Topics learned :

  • Web Scrapping
  • EC2
  • JS
  • Flask
  • Git
Source Code

Dublin Calendar

Keep record of events in a calendar without an entire calender being shoved to the screen. Shows events, dates and descriptions. Deployed in Heroku with postgres

Topics learned :

  • Django
  • Heroku
  • Cloud Computing
  • CI/CD
  • CRUD
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Robotics at Politecnico Di Milano

Worked on basic robots at Polimi AIRLab. With intention of using simple robots which can mimic human emotions to train children with social anxiety.

Also worked design of bluetooth accelerometer with adrino for measuremnt of acceleration and filtering noise using kalman filter. The module can be used in Robots and toys to read various types of data.

Design of Student Formula Car For SAE India Competition

Lead the Electical subsystem team in designing and implimentation of complete electrical harness for Harley Davidson Street 500 engine. And responsible for Car Auto-saftey mechanism as per Student formula racing standards. Participated in Buddh International Circut Delhi.

Placed 6th out 184 in India

Projects Undertook :

  • Electrical Harness Design
  • GPS based Telemetry system
  • Brake failsafe sysem
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3 dimentional accelerometer visualization using Kalman Filter

Arduino Bluetooth based visualization of motion using Kalman filters. The project was done at AIRLAB Poilimi to visualize motion in toys to understand the behavior of children.

Topics learned :

  • Embedded C
  • Java Processing
  • Filters


I am happy to collaborate and is available for hire

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